A Free Online Ordering Service

The CobraPOS online ordering service is a FREE e-commerce solution that is fully integrated with CobraPOS. Version 9 users may login and click the cloud services link to sign up.



Convenience matters. Give your customers the best of both worlds with traditional and eGift cards.


Your business, your choice, your logo.


Sell. Redeem. Reload. Manage. Get an integrated gift card management platform for free, already built into CobraPOS.

A partial list of features includes:

– High performance backend database using Microsoft ASP.Net Core and SQL Azure
– Responsive browser interface using Bootstrap
– Fully customizable colors, images and logos
– Menu uploaded automatically with a single click
– Orders received automatically by the data service application
– Customer receipt and prep tickets are printed automatically
– Customer notifications sent from the pos

Online Ordering Overview

The CobraPOS online ordering service is a subscription-based e-commerce solution based on ASP.Net Core, Web API and Bootstrap that is fully integrated with CobraPOS. Orders are received automatically at the pos station and both the customer receipt and prep ticket are printed with no user action required. Customer notifications can be sent via email or sms directly from the pos and the order status is available after the customer logs in.

Site Layout

The site layout and theme is managed by CobraPOS staff and all menu updates are performed with a single click in back office. The site color, logo, images and text can be updated directly from the web browser using html, css and javascript.


The CobraPOS online ordering service relies on Bootstrap to ensure that the web site is compatible with most browsers and devices. Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Users with knowledge of bootstrap can create highly customized web pages with advanced features such as popups.

Web Server

Sites are hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud server in North America and Europe. Each site runs in a separate application pool so that high volume users do not impact the performance of other sites. The Microsoft SQL Azure Database engine is used to serve data and stores all images, text, menu and site settings. Twice daily backups are performed. At least 2 instances of each web server are running at any given time for maximum availability.

Domain Name

Each site is assigned a default subdomain under the amigopos.com domain. In addition, a new or existing domain name can be used by assigning the CobraPOS online ordering service nameservers in the domain name registrar's control panel. Please contact CobraPOS support for instructions to assign nameservers for your specific registrar.


Order confirmation, order update and other notification emails are sent using Microsoft Azure email services and do not require a separate email account.
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